With Developer Commentary – Die Hard Trilogy (Saturn, ’96)

Developer: Probe Entertainment Publisher: Fox Interactive Platform: PlayStation Released in JP: December 13, 1996 Released in US: August 20, 1996 Released in EU: November 1996 Join the discussion on Reddit Check out some of the other episodes UPDATE: Reddit user so_witty_username_v2 pointed me towards a “making of” documentary by the team at Probe. Great find! UPDATE 2: I stumbled…


Philly Code Camp – Creating and debugging remote web apps with ManifoldJS and VorlonJS

@DaveVoyles I gave this talk at the 2016.1 Philly Code Camp. What problem do these two things solve? ManifoldJS aims to make the life of a mobile developer easier than ever, by utilizing  Web App Manifests,  which allowing websites to declare app-like properties. ManifoldJS uses that standard for those platforms that support it, but falls back…

Code Camp

Philly .NET code camp, 2016.1

@DaveVoyles @PhillyDotnet Twice each year, the Philly .NET user group puts together a code camp at Mirosoft’s Malvern MTC, and I’ve put together a video encompassing the events. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ve missed!