Game Dev Show 01 – Which language should I program my game in?

  Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Game Dev Show, I’m @DaveVoyles. Throughout this series we’ll have several Microsoft Technical Evangelists, as well as some guests, to introduce you to the concepts behind game development from a number of angles, including the programming, art, and business aspects of game production. Every Wednesday…


Links from my weekly newsletter (57 & 58)

In the past, I’ve been posting that week’s newsletter on here nearly immediately after it went out to your emails. What I’ve decided to do recently was send out the newsletter every TWO weeks instead of each week, and now post this once a month, thereby combining the newsletters. Week 57 San Francisco Office Rents…


What is a Technical Evangelist?

I get asked this question pretty often, and I usually respond with “A developer who talks to developers”, but this recent interview between John Shewchuk and Business Insider explains it pretty well. The Developer Experience team is intended to be the company’s public face among the techie set, parachuting in to help customers and partners with whatever…

BabylonJS webgl demo

Sponza, the new WebGL demo from BabylonJS, updates to the framework

Whenever I hear developers say “The web is slow” I think of the experiences others have crafted from WebGL, the graphics API available to the browser. Several developers from Microsoft started the open source WebGL framework, BabylonJS, several years ago and continue to build on it now. On this page you’ll find their latest experience.